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ICBA-ComplianceRiskTMThe ICBA Compliance and Risk Management® solution is offered through the ICBA Services Network in a strategic alliance with Chartwell Compliance.

ICBA CRM’s mission is to offer affordable, hands-on services and expertise that help community banks thrive amidst the challenges associated with staying compliant – and ahead of the curve – in a period of turbulent regulatory chance. It provides community banks with integrated regulatory compliance, financial crimes and risk management services through consultants with Big 4 level qualifications and with a regional firm’s pricing and a small firm’s attention to customer service.

ICBA CRM enhances the value members receive through ICBA membership and through its subsidiaries such as Bancard, Mortgage, and Securities, and complements the work of ICBA’s education and advocacy groups. For more information about the alliance between Chartwell and ICBA, see the press release launching CRM and ICBA’s extension of its relationship with Chartwell.

Services Offered to ICBA Members

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helpdesk3ICBA Compliance HelpDesk

In a recent survey, more than 80% of ICBA members reported that compliance issues are their biggest challenge. As one member said, compliance takes the fun and profitability out of banking. The ICBA Compliance HelpDesk addresses this need by helping banks preserve fee revenue, contain administrative expenses, and launch new products, all while staying compliant and profitable during regulatory turmoil.

The ICBA Compliance HelpDesk offers bankers an added layer of on-demand manpower and expertise to answer complicated compliance-related questions. Our experts, who provide a practical, hands-on, real-world understanding of compliance, each possess an average of 25 years of experience as bankers, regulators, and law enforcement officials.

Learn more about or enroll online for ICBA Compliance HelpDesk. Or read the ICBA press release.