<p>Chartwell is constantly making efforts to improve the quality and efficiency of the company as a whole, and to empower its employees to improve our work environment. For this purpose, seven Chartwell employees from senior management, consulting and operations traveled to Japan for nine days in late July to be immersed in Kaizen continuous improvement training. When not in full-day simulation exercises and workshops, our team toured Toyota, Yanmar and other manufacturing facilities to learn from the world’s best implementers of the Kaizen total quality control business philosophy. Kaizen experts, including the former general manager of Toyota’s most successful production facility, led our training. Going forward, we have adopted the principles of Kaizen as an integral part of our corporate ethos to be able to provide sustained excellence to our customers, partners and employees. We have scheduled a series of planning sessions and Kaizen trainings for the year ahead, including a follow-up immersion in Japan, and hired both a Kaizen manager and systems automation architect out of First Data.</p>

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