Our Consulting Professionals

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Senior Management

  • Daniel Weiss Chief Executive Officer
  • Steve Hagar President
  • Rob Ayers Chief Commercial Officer
  • Kris Welch, CRCM, CAMS Vice President
  • Sarah Butler Vice President
  • Jason Noto, Esq. General Counsel
  • Michael R. Giacco Chief Technology Officer
  • Directors

    • Jeanne Schurott, CAMS Director, Compliance and Strategic Financial Planning
    • Trish Lagodzinski Compliance Director
    • Nanette Stanley, CRCM Compliance Director
    • Our Consulting Professionals

      • Karen Schirmer Senior Advisor
      • Bonnie Brillhart Associate Compliance Professional
      • Lily Sayers Consulting Operations Manager and Associate Compliance Professional
      • Petra Hrachova, CRCM, CAMS Senior Compliance Professional and Training Manager
      • Langley Perry, Esq. Associate Counsel
      • Dennis Lormel Senior Advisor
      • Robert Pasley Senior Advisor
      • Jill Emerson Senior Compliance Professional

    Professional Staff

    • Iman Boussaada Corporate Development Manager
    • Grainne Sen Operations and Marketing Manager
    • Jeff Bigley Sales and Marketing Associate
    • Kym Rambelle Project Management Director